WebSprix to Deploy Cisco Routed Optical Networking Solution with Cisco 8000 to Help Shrink the Digital Divide in Ethiopia

WebSprix, the number one private Internet Service Provider in Ethiopia, has selected Cisco Routed Optical Networking Solution for its high speed broadband service expansion in Ethiopia. WebSprix decided to select Cisco 8200 series routers for enhanced resiliency, reduced cost, and greater network simplicity. Cisco 8200 series routers with 400 GbE ZR/ZR+ coherent optics will enable WebSprix to build a high-speed network backbone with long distance fiber connections and provide unparalleled broadband service across Ethiopia. It is to be recalled that the Government of Ethiopian has enacted the Communication Service Proclamation, which liberalized the Telecommunications sectors. This has enabled companies like WebSprix to play important role in the expansion of broadband services in Ethiopia. WebSprix is committed to expand broadband service to every community in the country. Ethiopia’s population of 115 million makes it the second largest in Africa, yet about 270,000 people have fixed broadband internet access. In addition, many businesses are ready to take advantage of high-speed internet, but the infrastructure for widespread adoption hasn’t been available. WebSprix will be one of the first in the world to deploy Cisco Routed Optical Networking. Cisco Press Release: https://newsroom.cisco.com/press-release-content?type=webcontent&articleId=2133658